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Reports by international stundents

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Get a quick impression of international students at Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences and their experience

Student from Curtin University, 2016

The campus was brand-new and fully equipped to meet the needs of the students. It had an excellent layout with wide open spaces in the classes and study spaces, which created a refreshing atmosphere for everyone to work, study and socialize.

I found the students were outgoing and made us feel welcome. From participating in classes together to playing a game of friendly soccer, they were very inclusive.

Lippstadt is a beautiful town, wonderfully filled with histories hidden in the preserved architectures I found around town. Yet, the town is bursting with vibrant life with local markets and large popular chain stores, all set up conveniently in the town hall area. I really liked the balance between the farming community and the modern city aspects of the town, as I felt this contributed to Lippstadt's unique, colorful and relaxing character.

International Students of "Electronic Engineering"

Asm Nurussafa, 7th Semester, Bachelor Student in the "Electronic Engineering" Program

My name is Asm Nurussafa and I hail from the beautiful country of Bangladesh. Currently, I am in my 7th semester of pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in "Electronic Engineering" at HSHL. I have always been enamoured by the innovative and technological advancements in Germany, which is why it has been a long-standing dream of mine to study there. As fate would have it, the "ELE" Bachelor’s program at HSHL piqued my interest. The program's modules perfectly align with my future learning goals and aspirations, which is why I knew I had to grab this opportunity with both hands. After graduation, I am keen on gaining valuable professional experience in my field of study. Simultaneously, I am excited about continuing my Masters in "Electronic Engineering", building upon the foundation laid during my undergraduate studies.

Marwa Hassan, 7th Semester, Bachelor Student in the "Electronic Engineering" Program

My name is Marwa Hassan and I come from Cairo, Egypt. Currently, I’m enrolled in the last semester of the "Electronic Engineering" study program at the HSHL. I’ve decided to study here, because the program is well-structured and fully-taught in English. Also, the courses do focus directly on the industry’s demands. After obtaining my degree, I’d like to work in the hardware development sector.

Fawad Murad, 7th semester, Bachelor student in the "Electronic Engineering" Program

In August 2019 I came to Germany from Pakistan to enroll for the "Electronic Engineering" program at HSHL. Although I had received admission letters from five other universities, I decided to pursue my Bachelor’s degree at HSHL, because of its most appropriate and practice-oriented course structure. Currently, I'm in my seventh semester and working on both my Bachelor's thesis and project work. After graduation, I plan to acquire my Master's degree in the same field and to begin working as a full-time electronic engineer.

Stephen Patrick, 7th semester, Bachelor Student in the "Electronic Engineering" Program

My name Stephen Patrick and I come from Lagos, a bustling and thriving city in Nigeria and the country’s commercial hub. When I finalized my plans to study in Germany, I stumbled upon HSHL and realized that it is an excellent choice for international students who want to study abroad. HSHL offers a diverse range of programs and has a strong reputation for providing hands-on, practical education that prepares students for the real world. Additionally, the university has a welcoming environment and is located in a safe, friendly city in Germany, providing a unique cultural experience. Studying at HSHL can open up a world of career opportunities for me, both in Germany and beyond. I am currently in my final semester of the "Electronic Engineering" study program. My plan for the future is to pursue a career in research and development to develop new technologies and innovate in the field of electronic engineering.

Jonas Weißbrod, 1st Semester Electronic Engineering

"Do not be afraid of choosing the course of studies of Electronic Engineering here at HSHL! Whether you come from Germany or from any other country on the globe, here you can experience a multicultural group of students, who help each other to achieve the best results in studying."

Olaniyi Bayonle, 1st Semester Electronic Engineering

''Studying here at HSHL with amazing coursemates has been a wonderful experience for me.''

Willy Sob: Taking advantage of French language

Willy Sob, studying "Biomedical Engineering" at the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences, helped to develop an operating table while doing his practical semester at "Schmitz und Söhne". The German company based in Bönen plans to expand into the French market. Willy, born and raised in Cameroon, has the engineering, linguistic as well as cultural skills and knowledge to support this plan. During the winter semester 2012/13, the 24-year-old went to France in order to do some market research in different clinics for "Schmitz und Söhne".

Willy is a great example of a student from a foreign country who decided to take up his studies in Germany. While doing his studies in German, he benefits from his mother tongue when cooperating with companies in the biomedical sector. Watch the slide show done by the regional newspaper “Westfälischer Anzeiger” on Willy Sob, which shows him in the company as well as on the campus working with his professor Jürgen Trzewik.


"I achieved my general qualification for university in 2006 in Cameroon. Subsequently, I learned German for one year at the local Goethe Institute. Following this, I went to Germany because I wanted to get a better education than in my home-country Cameroon.

First, I wanted to study medical sciences but unfortunately, I didn't get a place. But as I had decided to proceed in this direction, I did further research and found the website of Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences. After reviewing the study program of "Biomedical Engineering" I was very interested and applied immediately."

Prof. Trzewik:

"The education at Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences is based on mathematical, engineering, technical and natural sciences leading to applied research and development. Our students will be able to work in both fields.

Regarding Willy, he has an additional strong competence: he has good intercultural skills! Since he was born in Cameroon his mother tongue is French, which is considered an advantage by our local companies trying to develop more international business. Willy is, so to say, a kind of translator for the German companies to match customer needs and new products. During his practical semester, Willy went to France on behalf of the company Schmitz und Söhne interviewing French hospital doctors about the design of future operating tables, constructed of course by 'Schmitz und Söhne'."

Market research on the French market

Xiangyan Haasner from China

Having studied at the Chongqing University in China, Xiangyan Haasner decided to do a second degree at Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences since her Chinese degree was not fully acknowledged in Germany. Xiangyan chose "Industrial Engineering with Business Studies" taught on the campus in Lippstadt.

Even though she is married to her German husband and is familiar with some German culture, studying and working in Germany was still new to her. "Born in the province of Jiangsu, I studied at the Jiangyin Polytechnic College. Compared to the Chinese campus the one in Lippstadt is tiny, but that's exactly what makes it special to me: I work closely with my fellow students and professors and I really enjoy the practical group work," says Xiangyan.

During her studies Xiangyan took the chance to do an internship at the company INDEC - Industrial Development and Consulting GmbH & Co. KG - in Lippstadt: "Chinese companies are much more hierarchically structured than the companies in Germany and office hours are usually fixed between 8 am and 5 pm. I really liked the cooperative and more flexible approach in German companies. Unlike most Chinese companies, German companies offer internships which are great chances for students to gain hands-on experience!"

Xiangyan wrote about her experiences in our (German) blog.

Ich liebe Lippstadt

"Ich liebe Lippstadt" is a German phrase that I commonly used during my stay. I even extended my time in the town due to my amazing experience.

Before coming to Germany, my outlook on German people and culture was very vague. After experiencing such a positive welcome from the staff and students at the university, my view quickly opened up.

Hamm-Lippstadt's campus was impressive and the cafeteria food was certainly a highlight compared to what we are used to eat in Australia.

Jake, Student from Curtin University, 2016

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