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Electronic Engineering

Lippstadt Campus | B. Eng.

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Portraitfoto Prof. Henkler Prof. Dr. Stefan Henkler Head of Studies Electronic Engineering +49 (0)2381 8789-918 stefan.henkler@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Prof. Albertz Prof. Stefan Albertz 3D-Animation and Visual Effects +49 (0)2381 8789-838 stefan.albertz@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Pofessor Georg Birkenheuer Prof. Dr. Georg Birkenheuer Head of Studies Applied Computer Science and Social Media +49 (0)2381 8789-908 georg.birkenheuer@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Joan Paulo Carvalho Lustosa da Costa Prof. Dr.-Ing. João Paulo J. da Costa Applied Electrical Engineering +49 (0)2381 8789 - 911 joaopaulo.dacosta@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Dr. Birte Horn Dr. Birte Horn Lecturer for Special Instruction "Business and Technical English" +49 (0)2381 8789-829 birte.horn@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Jan Eric Kyprianidis Prof. Dr. Jan Eric Kyprianidis Mathematics and Computer Science +49 (0)2381 8789-913 jan.kyprianidis@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Achim Rettberg Prof. Dr. Achim Rettberg Human-Machine Interface Technologies +49 (0)2381 8789-928 achim.rettberg@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Tim Schattkowsky Prof. Dr. Tim Schattkowsky Head of Department Lippstadt 2 +49 (0)2381 8789-900 tim.schattkowsky@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Evgeni Schumm Prof. Dr. Evgeni Schumm Mathematics with a focus on Statistics evgeni.schumm@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Emanuel Slaby Prof. Dr. Emanuel Slaby Computer science and social media security +49 (0)2381 8789-920 Emanuel.Slaby@hshl.de

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