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Close to the future

Working practice-oriented and in small groups, Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences offers high-quality study programs with a clear orientation towards current and future market requirements. The young team of professors is practically experienced. With an interdisciplinary setup, teaching focuses on both the promotion of individual strengths and the imparting of social competences, such as team work. From the start, great importance is attached to project-oriented working. Last but not least, creativity and communication are important factors required to prepare experts in engineering sciences, natural sciences, computer sciences and economy for the future.

Continuous growth

Having started with just over 80 students in two study programs in 2009, the university continues to grow quickly. Currently, there are about 4,900 students in various study programs. The bachelor's and master's programs are taught on both the Hamm Campus and the Lippstadt Campus.

Our continuously growing research activities are application- and future-oriented.

We are looking forward to welcoming young, curious, open-minded, creative people who are hungry to learn and will enjoy setting the course for the future – in teams and small groups, practice-oriented, in the middle of North Rhine-Westphalia. 

To many rewarding encounters!

International Students of "Electronic Engineering"

Nikolaos Karapoulatidis, "Electronic Engineering" graduate 2023, is currently working as working student at AEconversion in Bad Sassendorf

I wrote my Bachelor's thesis at the company AEconversion, which develops and manufactures customized power electronics. I am currently working there as a working student while obtaining my Master's degree in Soest, which is called "Systems Engineering and Engineering Management".

The knowledge of hardware-related programming and control engineering that I gained during my studies at HSHL was beneficial for me. However, the greatest added value I gained from my studies was the ability to quickly understand a technical problem and solve it using the right methodology. Consideration of details and a certain degree of creativity play a major role in this. In addition, my very good knowledge of English (especially in the technical field) helped me to communicate with my supervisor in the company, as he is originally from Croatia and speaks very little German.

As an electrical engineer, I have become particularly aware of the shortage of skilled workers since I regularly receive job offers as direct messages on LinkedIn. AEconversion is also intensively looking for electrical engineers with professional experience in the field.

Niklas Kohlhage, HSHL graduate of the "Electronic Engineering" Bachelor's degree program in 2023, working student at Mercedes-Benz in Sindelfingen and Master's student at the University of Stuttgart

As part of an internship and subsequent Bachelor's thesis in the department responsible for the field validation and testing of driver assistance systems, I was not only able to experience the current state of the art in automated driving, but also to support the development process with the help of a semi-automated data evaluation algorithm. I was able to realize this practical project in particular through the "Autonomous Systems" specializations in the sixth and seventh semesters – a subject area in which I would like to specialize further through my Master's degree.

Giuseppe Scalora, “Electronic Engineering” graduate 2022, is currently doing a master's degree in Embedded Systems Engineering

I am currently studying a master's degree in Embedded Systems Engineering at the Fachhochschule Dortmund. With a high interest in the subject and a vast and solid background given by a bachelor in “Electronics Engineering” at HSHL I found this as a very good choice for my future career. Personally I want to specialize in the field of hardware development and/or networking for embedded systems and I am quite confident that given all the relevant topics and subjects learned and knowledge achieved throughout my journey as a university student, I will not find many difficulties achieving my goal. 

Alex Vu Nguyen, “Electronic Engineering” graduate 2023, currently employed as an embedded software engineer in Australia

I am currently working in Melbourne, Australia, as an embedded software engineer. My role is to develop, debug, deploy and test software and hardware for embedded applications, with a focus on telematics systems.

The “Computer Science and Embedded Systems” course I took during my time at HSHL helps me a lot in this job as I need to understand the architecture of the system and embedded C++ development as well as the agile workflow.

I decided to go back to Australia as my family is here. It was hard for me to find a job, especially because the sector is not as popular as in Germany, and I was lucky to find this job through an agency.

Jonas Weißbrod, 1st Semester Electronic Engineering

"Do not be afraid of choosing the course of studies of Electronic Engineering here at HSHL! Whether you come from Germany or from any other country on the globe, here you can experience a multicultural group of students, who help each other to achieve the best results in studying."

Olaniyi Bayonle, 1st Semester Electronic Engineering

''Studying here at HSHL with amazing coursemates has been a wonderful experience for me.''

Asm Nurussafa, 7th Semester, Bachelor Student in the "Electronic Engineering" Program

My name is Asm Nurussafa and I hail from the beautiful country of Bangladesh. Currently, I am in my 7th semester of pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in "Electronic Engineering" at HSHL. I have always been enamoured by the innovative and technological advancements in Germany, which is why it has been a long-standing dream of mine to study there. As fate would have it, the "ELE" Bachelor’s program at HSHL piqued my interest. The program's modules perfectly align with my future learning goals and aspirations, which is why I knew I had to grab this opportunity with both hands. After graduation, I am keen on gaining valuable professional experience in my field of study. Simultaneously, I am excited about continuing my Masters in "Electronic Engineering", building upon the foundation laid during my undergraduate studies.

Marwa Hassan, 7th Semester, Bachelor Student in the "Electronic Engineering" Program

My name is Marwa Hassan and I come from Cairo, Egypt. Currently, I’m enrolled in the last semester of the "Electronic Engineering" study program at the HSHL. I’ve decided to study here, because the program is well-structured and fully-taught in English. Also, the courses do focus directly on the industry’s demands. After obtaining my degree, I’d like to work in the hardware development sector.

Fawad Murad, 7th semester, Bachelor student in the "Electronic Engineering" Program

In August 2019 I came to Germany from Pakistan to enroll for the "Electronic Engineering" program at HSHL. Although I had received admission letters from five other universities, I decided to pursue my Bachelor’s degree at HSHL, because of its most appropriate and practice-oriented course structure. Currently, I'm in my seventh semester and working on both my Bachelor's thesis and project work. After graduation, I plan to acquire my Master's degree in the same field and to begin working as a full-time electronic engineer.

Stephen Patrick, 7th semester, Bachelor Student in the "Electronic Engineering" Program

My name Stephen Patrick and I come from Lagos, a bustling and thriving city in Nigeria and the country’s commercial hub. When I finalized my plans to study in Germany, I stumbled upon HSHL and realized that it is an excellent choice for international students who want to study abroad. HSHL offers a diverse range of programs and has a strong reputation for providing hands-on, practical education that prepares students for the real world. Additionally, the university has a welcoming environment and is located in a safe, friendly city in Germany, providing a unique cultural experience. Studying at HSHL can open up a world of career opportunities for me, both in Germany and beyond. I am currently in my final semester of the "Electronic Engineering" study program. My plan for the future is to pursue a career in research and development to develop new technologies and innovate in the field of electronic engineering.


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