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Different anyway

Modern, interdisciplinary, practice-oriented

Zeppenfeld 4668 Presseformat NEU

Prof. Dr.
Klaus Zeppenfeld

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

A new University of Applied Sciences in Hamm and Lippstadt. A historic chance, unique and magnificent, with plenty of design potential for the future. Modern campus life, market- and practice-related study programs, openness, tolerance, team spirit, and high demands right from the beginning.

Close to the future

Working practice-oriented and in small groups, Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences offers high-quality study programs with a clear orientation towards current and future market requirements. The young team of professors is practically experienced. With an interdisciplinary setup, teaching focuses on both the promotion of individual strengths and the imparting of social competences, such as team work. From the start, great importance is attached to project-oriented working. Last but not least, creativity and communication are important factors required to prepare experts in engineering sciences, natural sciences, computer sciences and economy for the future.

Continuous growth

Having started with just over 80 students in two study programs in 2009, the university continues to grow quickly. Currently, there are about 5,700 students in various study programs. The bachelor's and master's programs are taught on both the Hamm Campus and the Lippstadt Campus.

Our continuously growing research activities are application- and future-oriented.

We are looking forward to welcoming young, curious, open-minded, creative people who are hungry to learn and will enjoy setting the course for the future – in teams and small groups, practice-oriented, in the middle of North Rhine-Westphalia. 

To many rewarding encounters!


Student from Curtin University, 2016

The campus was brand-new and fully equipped to meet the needs of the students. It had an excellent layout with wide open spaces in the classes and study spaces, which created a refreshing atmosphere for everyone to work, study and socialize.

I found the students were outgoing and made us feel welcome. From participating in classes together to playing a game of friendly soccer, they were very inclusive.

Lippstadt is a beautiful town, wonderfully filled with histories hidden in the preserved architectures I found around town. Yet, the town is bursting with vibrant life with local markets and large popular chain stores, all set up conveniently in the town hall area. I really liked the balance between the farming community and the modern city aspects of the town, as I felt this contributed to Lippstadt's unique, colorful and relaxing character.


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