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Business Administration

Master’s study program | Lippstadt Campus

Economic activities in regional structures for a globalized world

Personalities for companies

Economic action in regional structures, which are embedded in a world of ever-increasing complexity and internationality, requires leaders to understand complex social and economic interrelationships. In the analysis of the associated problems and the development of possible solutions, both practice and science are facing ever new challenges such as increasing globalization or the IT networking of production processes.

The "Business Administration" master's study program at Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences aims to impart skills that enable students to recognize and assess these challenges and to deal with the expected changes. The aim is not only to train specialists who are able to efficiently implement the profit- and socially oriented objectives at the corporate micro level. Rather, the students are expected to develop into personalities who understand and precisely implement entrepreneurial options for action, but always critically question their own activities and consider them in the given global social context. Knowledge of the consequences of one's own actions promotes responsibility towards society, the environment, and the employees.

In the process of teaching, learning, and the personal development of students, these framework conditions place the following demands on the Master's program.

The Master's program

  • is broad-based and theoretically well-founded,
  • imparts knowledge of and the ability to use methods to support economic decisions,
  • leads to interdisciplinary qualifications, such as the ability to independently prepare information, work in a team, and to communicate, and
  • promotes the competent use of modern information technology.

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