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Intercultural Business Psychology

Master’s degree program | Hamm Campus

Strategies for working in a dynamic and intercultural society

Working in an intercultural world

Our Master’s degree in "Intercultural Business Psychology" prepares graduates for work at the intersection of different cultures. In a world characterized by rapid globalization and demographic changes, intercultural understanding has become a key competence. In this interdisciplinary degree course, we want to prepare our students to be able to develop answers to the challenges of an increasingly complex business world, be it as employees, managers, or customers.

In the Master’s program "Intercultural Business Psychology", you will acquire competences in the areas of scientific methods, diagnostics, intervention, and evaluation as well as basic and application-oriented knowledge of intercultural psychology, which are increasingly relevant in economic contexts. Since the degree course is about people in the working world, an important component will be a module in business ethics, reflecting on the responsibility of managers and the role of companies in modern society.

The entire degree program is offered in English - close to the reality that awaits you in the business world.

Course Content

You have the possibility to choose between three areas of concentration:

  • 1. Work and Organizational Psychology: The focus is on leadership, human resources and team development, work motivation, organizational theory and psychology as well as change management.
  • 2. Market and Consumer Psychology: The marketing-oriented focus is dealing with the psychology of product placement, innovation, price, sales and advertising psychology, psychology of demand and purchase decisions.
  • 3. Economic Psychology: considers the framework of organizational and business psychological issues in society as a whole and how they are anchored in societies in a process of internationalization, including topics such as the economic cycle, changing values, the environment, unemployment or financial psychology.

The master's program is offered as a full-time course with a standard duration of three semesters. Students can commence their studies twice a year - at the beginning of each semester.

Future prospects

The Master of Science degree in "Intercultural Business Psychology" prepares you for a career in international companies or research institutes.

Depending on your major field of study, you can prepare yourself for a job in business psychology in the areas of human resources & organization, market & consumption, or economics. Due to the rigorous methodological training, however, you are not limited to the professional fields of the three major study areas. Human-machine interaction or cognitive ergonomics also offer interesting career prospects. Since we attach great importance to sound training in research methods, the degree program can also be a starting point for a doctorate and a career in science and teaching.

Over the next few years and decades, small and medium-sized companies will intensify their internationalization - both in Germany and in other European countries. Consequently, the career opportunities for interculturally trained business psychologists could hardly be better.

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