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Business and Systems Engineering

Master's study program I Lippstadt Campus

Transforming innovative ideas into real, financially successful systems through the consistent management of development processes is one of the core competencies imparted in the "Business and Systems Engineering" master’s degree course.

Turning ideas into working systems

One of the core competences of the master's programme "Business and Systems Engineering" is the conversion of innovative ideas into real, financially successful systems. Thereby the focus is on the consistent management of product development processes from design and development to production.

Successful product development

Based on scientific-theoretical foundations of system development and design, the students are taught how to scientifically analyse technical and methodological problems, how to independently design and develop products and bring them to market maturity.

Expanding and deepening knowledge – with automotive technology and Industry 4.0

In the degree course, the term system is understood comprehensively and covers mechanical, mechatronic and information technology systems and thus products. To this end, the contents of the curriculum are illustrated and practiced on the basis of two innovation-driving subjects: automotive engineering and Industry 4.0.

By focusing on these two subject areas, the knowledge is imparted in a practical, clear and particularly well-founded manner. The thus acquired detailed knowledge of selected topics in automotive engineering and Industry 4.0 can be easily applied to other systems and products in working life.

Students learn the development processes of systems as well as the management of companies and production. This enables them to understand and, above all, design the entire interdisciplinary interrelationship of system development respectively product and production development, beyond the subject-specific field of knowledge.

Practical orientation

Management skills are a crucial component of the acquired capabilities for communication and the preparation of decision-making bases.
Small groups and compressed lessons on two or three days per week allow for an intensive and individual master's programme.
The master thesis, which is preferably carried out in cooperation with an industrial company, transfers the acquired knowledge and skills to practical areas.
The master's programme is offered as an on-campus study course with a standard study period of three semesters and as a part-time version with a study period of five to six semesters.
The degree is "Master of Engineering".

Practice-oriented equipment

At Hamm-Lippstadt University, the "Business and Systems Engineering" programme is taught at the Lippstadt Campus. Equipped with numerous laboratories, such as “Control Engineering”, "Smart Living", "Autonomous Mobile Systems", "Robotics", "Bus Systems", "Electrical Systems and Diagnosis", and "Microcontroller" as well as facilities and devices at the university, students are prepared for the professional challenges for junior engineers in a practice-oriented way and in close cooperation with companies.

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