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Trendsetting for research, teaching and organisation

The continually growing team of the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences is headed by the Presidium. President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kira Kastell sets the direction and represents the university externally. Sandra Schlösser is the Chancellor responsible for all administrative and organizational issues. Vice President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Spura takes on coordination and development tasks in the area of studies and teaching. Vice President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Pantke is concerned with research and transfer.

Contact person

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kira Kastell President +49 (0)2381 8789-100 praesidentin@hshl.de
Dipl.-Psych. Sandra Schlösser Chancellor +49 (0)2381 8789-200 kanzlerin@hshl.de
Representation Chancellor Corinna Meier
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Pantke Vice President Research and Transfer +49 (0)2381 8789-115 vp2@hshl.de
M.A. Britta Jakob Personal Assistant to the President +49 (0)2381 8789-103 britta.jakob@hshl.de
M.A. Bettina Weiß Assistant to the Presidential Committee +49 (0)2381 8789-202 bettina.weiss@hshl.de
Carmen Wockenfuß Secretary to the President +49 (0)2381 8789-101 carmen.wockenfuss@hshl.de
Marion Blaha Secretary to the Presidential Committee +49 (0)2381 8789-102 marion.blaha@hshl.de
Sarah Dresse Secretary to the Presidential Committee +49 (0)2381 8789-201 sarah.dresse@hshl.de
Carmen Fischer Secretary to the Vice President of Studies and Transfer +49 (0)2381 8789-203 carmen.fischer@hshl.de
Moritz Brünger Coordinator E-Assessment +49 (0)2381 8789-7151 Moritz.Bruenger@hshl.de Profile
Thea Kösters Project member "ePrüfung" +49 (0)2381 8789 - 7152 thea.koesters@hshl.de
Christoph Notzon E-Government +49 (0)2381 8789-277 christoph.notzon@hshl.de

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