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Industrial Engineering with Business Studies

Lippstadt Campus | B. Eng.

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Portraitfoto Professor Diana Circhetta de Marrón Prof. Dr. Diana Circhetta de Marrón Head of Department Lippstadt 1 +49 (0)2381 8789-800 diana.circhetta@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Margarita Antoni M. Sc. Margarita Antoni Lecturer " Interdiciplinary Key Competencies" +49 (0)2381 8789-869 margarita.antoni@hshl.de
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Aleksandra Sasa Bukvic-Schäfer Electrical Engineering +49 (0)2381 8789-822 aleksandra-sasa.bukvic-schaefer@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Peter Degen Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Degen Principles of Mechanical Engineering +49 (0)2381 8789 - 865 peter.degen@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Helge-Otto Fabritius Prof. Dr. Helge-Otto Fabritius Bionics and Material Development +49 (0)2381 8789-850 helge.fabritius@hshl.de
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mirek Göbel Head of Studies "Business and Systems Engineering" +49 (0)2381 8789-825 mirek.goebel@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Nicolas Heuck Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nicolas Heuck Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics +49 (0)2381 8789-845 nicolas.heuck@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Prof. Hollmann. Prof. Dr. Sabine Hollmann Economy in engineering +49 (0)2381 8789-819 sabine.hollmann@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Dr. Birte Horn Dr. Birte Horn Lecturer for Special Instruction "Business and Technical English" +49 (0)2381 8789-829 birte.horn@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Frank Hustert Prof. Dr. Frank Hustert Business Studies with a focus on Finance and Controlling +49 (0)2381 8789-875 frank.hustert@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Peter Kersten Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Kersten Mechatronics +49 (0)2381 8789-804 peter.kersten@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Juergen Krome Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Krome Head of Studies Mechatronics +49 (0)2381 8789-805 juergen.krome@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Gunnar Martin Prof. Dr. Gunnar Martin Information Systems +49 (0)2381 8789-810 gunnar.martin@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Matthias Mayer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Mayer Production Technology Mechatronics +49 (0)2381 8789-807 matthias.mayer@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Jörg Meyer Prof. Dr. Jörg Meyer Photonics and Materials Science +49 (0)2381 8789-811 joerg.meyer@hshl.de Profile
Portraitfoto Professor Christoph Puls Prof. Dr. Christoph Puls Head of Studies Technical Consulting and Management +49 (0)2381 8789-860 christoph.puls@hshl.de
Prof. Dr. Axel Thümmler Mathematics and Simulation +49 (0)2381 8789-809 axel.thuemmler@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Jörg Wenz Prof. Dr. Jörg Wenz Head of Studies Industrial Engineering with Business Studies +49 (0)2381 8789-808 joerg.wenz@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Michael Wibbeke Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Wibbeke Production Engineering in Mechatronics +49 (0)2381 8789-812 michael.wibbeke@hshl.de

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