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Reserach Area Energy Transition and Transformation Design

Flexibility of the energy industry in the digital age

Developments in the energy industry are characterized by the advancing energy turnaround and the transition to the digital age. Changes that affect the entire industry structure and extend across the whole value chain (provision, transport/distribution/storage, trade and distribution, application of energy) are imminent. This is associated with a system transformation that will rethink previous forms of value creation and call traditional business models into question. Consequently, new fields of activity need to be opened up and the necessary entrepreneurial adjustments made.
For this reason, the focus is no longer restricted to the further decentralized expansion of technologies for the use of renewable energies. Above all, arrangements of flexibly deployable and digitally networked physical assets (aggregates for flexible energy supply/turnover, physical/functional storage, intelligent infrastructures/components) must be designed and integrated into concepts for sector coupling.

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