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Sports and Health Care Engineering

Hamm Campus | B. Eng.

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Portraitfoto Professor Jens Spirgatis Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Spirgatis Head of Studies Sports and Health Care Engineering +49 (0)2381 8789-534 jens.spirgatis@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Prof. Biczo. Prof. Dr.-Ing. András Biczó Deputy Head of Department Hamm 2 +49 (0)2381 8789-518 andras.biczo@hshl.de Profile
Portraitfoto Professor Holger Krakowski-Roosen Prof. Dr. Holger Krakowski-Roosen Applied Sport Science +49 (0)2381 8789-510 holger.krakowski-roosen@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Justin Sebastian Lange Prof. Dr. Justin Sebastian Lange Ergonomics and Biomechanics +49 (0)2381 8789-527 JustinSebastian.Lange@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professorr Johanna Moebus Prof. Dr. Johanna Moebus Medical Bio-Chemistry +49 (0)2381 8789-529 johanna.moebus@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Detlev Noll Prof. Dr.-Ing. Detlev Noll Mobile and Cloud Computing +49 (0)2381 8789-524 detlev.noll@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Professor Petra Rolfes-Gehrmann Prof. Dr.-Ing. Petra Rolfes-Gehrmann Head of Studies Product Development and Business Studies +49 (0)2381 8789-521 Petra.Rolfes-Gehrmann@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Prof. Spura. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Spura Vice President for Academic Affairs +49 (0)2381 8789-114 vp1@hshl.de

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