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Portraitfoto Prof. Beierlein Prof. Dr. Constanze Beierlein Cross-cultural Social Psychology +49 (0)2381 8789-514 constanze.beierlein@hshl.de
Frau mit Polaroid-Kamera Ali Ehteshami Bejnordi Research Assistant +49 (0)2381 8789-968 ali.ehteshami-bejnordi@hshl.de
Katrin Berendes Current account accounting +49 (0)2381 8789-283 katrin.berendes@hshl.de
Jörg Berkemeier Building Management +49 (0)2381 8789-261 joerg.berkemeier@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Prof. Berndt Prof. Dr.-Ing. Florian Berndt Head of Studies Applied Biomedical Engineering +49 (0)2381 8789-430 florian.berndt@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Doktor Jessika Bertram Dr. Jessika Bertram Academy for Advanced Training +49 (0)2381 8789-217 jessika.bertram@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Prof. Dr. Best Prof. Dr. Katharina Best Head of Studies Environmental Monitoring and Forensic Chemistry katharina.best@hshl.de
Representation Prof. Dr. Stefanie Sielemann
Instrumental and Analytical Sensor Engineering +49 (0)2381 8789-511 stefanie.sielemann@hshl.de
Frau mit Polaroid-Kamera Suchanda Bhattacharyya Research Assistant +49 (0)2381 8789-567 suchanda.bhattacharyya@hshl.de
Portraitfoto Prof. Biczo. Prof. Dr.-Ing. András Biczó Head of Department Hamm 2 +49 (0)2381 8789-518 andras.biczo@hshl.de Profile
Representation Prof. Dr. Laura Große
Deputy Head of Department Hamm 2 +49 (0)2381 8789-564 laura.grosse@hshl.de

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