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Individualized counseling during your entire studies

We give you orientation and counseling on subjects ranging from choosing a major to completing your degree. We are all ears for any kind of questions you may have, also when you have concerns and you don’t know who should turn to.

Consultation Offer of General Student Counseling

  • Questions about studies and how to organize degree programs
  • Support in study progress and examination planning
  • Coping with learning difficulties
  • Counseling on time and self-management
  • Handling stress and (examination) anxiety
  • Overcoming doubts about your choice of studies
  • Decision-making processes
  • Support in choosing a Master's degree program
  • Coping with psychological stress and conflicts
  • Assistance with personal problems during studies
  • …or whatever your issues may be

Student life cycle

At a glance

We support you throughout your entire student life cycle

Study progress / organization of studies

Study-progress planning, reviewing your choice of major, self-management, learning methods, dissatisfaction in your studies, financing your studies, time management, organizing examinations, studying with a chronic illness or disability, (social) conflicts, changing the degree program/academic venue, personal problems impacting your studies, procrastination, exam anxiety, psychological stress, stress management, caring for family members, study with children, motivation crises

Curriculum vitae development

Decision-making, practical phase, study abroad

The final semester of your studies

Working academically and scientifically. Decision-making, building future perspectives, dealing with stress

Transitioning from university to a profession

Application process, decision about choosing a Master’s degree/professional career, graduates

Counseling in difficult study situations

Psychosocial student counseling offers support for coping with individual problem situations. General Student Counseling (Zentrale Studienberatung, ZSB) offers you counseling in all personal situations and difficulties that might impact the successful outcome of your studies. The focus is placed on problem situations that are related to your studies or that affect your studies. Our advice and counseling services help you help yourself. They are designed to empower you to be able to cope with your issues and problems constructively and find pathways to solving them.

This includes issues such as:

  • Problems with motivation to study
  • (Examination) anxiety
  • Stress symptoms
  • A pending third or fourth attempt at an exam
  • (Decision) conflicts related to your studies
  • Difficulties making contacts at the university
  • Procrastination (putting off study work)

Sometimes things simply come up in life. It's not dramatic if there is a deviation from the original plan. We support you in your planning and help you pave your way into the future.

Psychosocial student counseling does not involve psychotherapy. The ZSB can offer you assistance in planning to contact external counseling and therapy centers.

In order for your studies to run smoothly, you may need to critically rethink old behavioral and learning patterns and test and learn new approaches. This takes time: For that reason, we schedule several appointments with you when there are more complex issues and planning steps. This so that we can have a calm and collected discussion about your issues in an appropriately structured way.

Scheduling an individual appointment

We will take as much time as necessary for your questions. We are therefore happy to advise and inform you in an individual appointment, which you can arrange with us by email or by phone. We at General Student Counseling offer you points of contact at the two locations and give advice on all degree programs on both campuses.

Students with children and family members requiring care

For students with children or students who have to care for a close family member, it is particularly important to have certainty in terms of curriculum planning as early as possible. Priority Check-In (PCI) is a service offered by General Student Counseling and the Center for Knowledge Management that is aimed at giving these groups of students better security in their plans. After providing proof of need to the ZSB, students can view the study plan prior to publication of the groups. They can then sign up for a specific group that is most convenient for them in terms of time, giving them the flexibility they need to plan their care.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer or have questions, feel free to contact General Student Counseling.

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